Who We Are: Economic Nationalists. Social Traditionalists.

The American Citizens Party

The great middle in American politics are we who hold traditional social values and economic nationalism. The Republicans represent the top right corner of the political spectrum--the billionaires and social traditionalists; the Democrats represent the bottom left corner of the spectrum-the cultural Marxists and economic liberals. 

Who represents us? Those in the middle: the top left--socially traditional but economically nationalist? No one!

The Challenges Facing the American Citizen?

For fifty years, the great American center has collapsed under a sustained cultural and economic assault. The result of these centrifugal forces? The polarization of the American electorate into opposite corners. The abandonment of the center in American political life. And we, the American Citizens who are faced with the grim choice of allying ourselves with a political party which detests traditional social values but supports American workers or a political party which defends those social values but jettisons the American worker, reducing him to a mere plaything for global economic competition.

This sad state of affairs must stop.

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American Citizens First and Foremost, Always