American Community First

Getting Americans to Know Each Other

It is the belief of the American Citizens Party that policy should be directed, as much as possible, to getting Americans to know each other, to have as much contact with each other as possible. This means working assiduously to counteract all the various kinds of tribalism which act as a dividing force in the American body politic.

The GI Bill for All American Young People

One policy proposal which is desperately needed is a national service program. Every American young person should be afforded the opportunity to serve their country in either military or civilian service for 4 years. It could be serving in the armed forces or working as a tutor in high poverty schools or building the foundations for renewed American infrastructure.

But those Americans who complete this program should be entitled to all of the benefits of the GI Bill: a college education, help starting a small business, or a loan to buy a starter home.

This would also act as a great leveler, reducing inequality, getting Americans to work together from all walks of life, and instilling the responsibility in all Americans to build a better future for us all, putting country First.